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Gerald Tolliver, CEO

Gerald W. Tolliver  and Associates

Deon is a skilled marketing professional who is thorough and able to always supply the best needs to his customers. He enjoys his work and was born to sell. It has been a pleasure to know him my entire professional career. We have a lifelong friendship.

Morenga Hunt, Consulting

Former Vice President of Education, Blumenthal Performing Arts Center, Charlotte, NC

Deon Bradley is a results-oriented professional, with high standards and a strong work ethic.  He has extensive experience and knowledge from his years as senior management in the private sector, where he focused on productivity and efficiency.  He also applied this focus and experience in his role as a non-profit executive director.  Yet, Deon’s commitment to “lifelong learning” led him to seek advice, guidance, and deeper understanding from others when faced with new or unique problems that he had to solve.  He is a professional colleague and a friend, whom I highly recommend to anyone seeking to advance their business results or operations.

Dinesh Desai

Retired Wealth Manager

Deon delivers. There are many consultants/coaches and countless books that
 give you general advice. Deon is just as competent, if not more, as most 
consultants. The difference is he zeroes in on specific solutions and pushes 
you to go for them. It is a far cry from someone just giving you general 
advice and leaving it up to you to follow through. We all know how 
ineffective that approach is.

Kimberly C. Pettiford, Certified Coach and Trainer

Professional & Personal Development Specialist, Empowering You to Achieve Life & Career Success,

Deon is an attentive and personable career coach. His natural ability to help me clarify and prioritize career transformation options has allowed me to become “unstuck” and take actions that I feel really good about. I appreciate his kind direct, honest, and supportive approach that challenged me to believe in and go after what I really want.

Chris Davis, CEO

Collegiate Global Network

I have known Mr. Bradley since 2007, when I was a college freshman. He has coached me through many turning points in my life. To name a few…Div. II NCAA 60 meter Track and Field National Champion, Professional Track and Field Athlete, writing my first book, Career Coaching and starting a successful company called the Collegiate Global Network. If you want to see change in your business or your life look no further, Bradley Coaching & Consulting is the way.

Sharon Chambers

Artist and Sculptor

Our Coaching time together was invaluable to me. You have a gift and I am blessed to have had the opportunity to work with you. You will truly make a difference in the lives of many blind and visually- impaired people. I am proud to have worked with you. You are a true blessing to me. Know that with all that you are doing for others, blessings will come back to you ten-fold. For when we helped someone else, we are also helping ourselves– receiving gifts in return. God Bless you and continue to surround you. If I can be of any help to you please call on me. My deepest thanks, blessings and prayers always.

Roxanne Doda

Former Team Member

Deon is an extremely intelligent individual that is highly professional and very goal oriented. Given his expertise and background, Deon is an extremely talented and diverse person.

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