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The Sales Audit by G. Deon Bradley, CEO of, Certified Business Coach

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Covid Recovery Sales Plan

How will you recover your sales for your small to mid-sized company during the unprecedented Covid 19 crisis???

Your Challenge:

  • The entire economy is in turmoil, your sales are down, your customers are cancelling or delaying purchases and your Sales Team is unable to meet with them.
  • Furthermore, we don’t know how long this “new Normal” will last.
  • How do you continue to build your sales funnel and meet sales targets when many of your customers have pressed the “Pause Button”?
  • How can you make up for the lost revenue you’ve already suffered and minimize future revenue loss?
  • How can you remain connected to your customers if your primary communication is over Zoom?
  • How can you ensure the continued effectiveness and success of your sales team while everyone is hunkered down working from home?

Our Solution Proposal:

Let Bradley Coaching use it’s 30 plus years of extensive Sales and Business Development experience to solve this dilemma for you. We’ll evaluate your current sales program and targets to create a customized Action Plan with recommendations that get results.

What We Do to Help You Solve Your Challenge:

  • Review your revenue forecasts and sales plan to Find the gaps based on the new reality.
  • Provide new tactics and strategies to help you maximize your Business Development and sales efforts.
  • Find new revenue streams and new strategic partners that can help create new customers.
  • Develop a comprehensive ACTION Plan that will help you maximize your sales opportunities and get you through the current crisis and into the future.

What Is Your “Take-Away”?:

  • Insightful analysis, expertise, recommendations, a detailed report and Action Plan Report which includes:
    • Current state of the company
    • Sales Gap Analysis
    • SWOT Analysis
    • Recommendations for people adjustments
    • Recommendations for products / services adjustments
    • Recommendations for enhancing profit and sales

See Our Client Testimonials about the results they received from working with Bradley Coaching.

Deon is a nationally Certified Business Coach and has decades of experience driving sales, including consulting with a wide variety of companies from startups to serving as Vice President of a $500 million B to B sales division of a Fortune 100 company.

Let him leverage his wide-ranging knowledge and proven track record of success to stabilize and grow your company’s sales during one of the most difficult business climates in our lifetime.

The Covid Recovery Sales Plan Package

  • $1000 plus value.
  • Limited time Discounted investment of by you of only $395.00
  • Contact us today to take advantage of this limited time offer.
  • All persons and companies that take advantage of this Special Offer will receive a discount on future engagements.


I have never offered this service at such a special price before, but  I want to help everyone I can get back on their feet as fast as possible as we come out of this crisis. If you take action on the topics we review, you will feel more confident on your Action Plan and its successful execution.

I look forward to us chatting soon.



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