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G. Deon Bradley
G. Deon Bradley

Deon excels in driving sales Growth for companies and improving leadership capabilities in Executives and their teams.

Deon is one of only 10 % of professional Business Coaches in North America to hold an International Business Coach Federation-approved Certification.

Deon has over 25 years of sales management, business development, and leadership development experience.

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Morgan Hill Partners – TB Inno On Fire

Morgan Hill Partners, an integrated partnership of expert entrepreneurs and operators, has been selected as an inaugural member of the Inno on Fire list being described as a “pivotal catalyst in the local tech ecosystem”. Tampa Bay Inno has spent the last nine months showcasing the startups and entrepreneurs elevating Tampa Bay as a leading innovation hub and with this award, they are highlighting 50 of those who are stoking the fire in Tampa Bay.

Winners will be honored on Nov. 20 to celebrate the winners at Factory 114.



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